Thursday, June 7, 2012

More faces #25 - 29 Thanks for viewing and any comments are welcomed!! :)

More faces #17 - 24. Thanks for viewing :)

I'm Back!

I can't believe how fast the time got away from me! I just got busy with Mother's Day, then putting in a brand new garden (that was harder than I thought it was gonna be!), then my husband Tim hurt his left knee which was followed up with an ER visit, x-rays, doctor appt, MRI, another doctor appt, then surgery and me taking care of him while he was recovering until he went back to work. During this time we had issues with our computer and then internet issues, as well. Since Tim's issues were more urgent we let the computer/internet slide for a bit. Now he is back to work and the computer and internet are good to go. I kept up with 29 Faces in May and posted my faces on the FaceBook group by using my cell phone but couldn't post them on my blog until now. So I am going to get my faces posted and try to be more active on my blog. Thanks for following me, checking in on me and I am sorry I let it go for so long. Here are some faces: 12 - 16